By: Dr. Yossi Porat, marketing expert and author of suspense novel “Screwed Mind”
and marketing book “Chess of the Business World”.

Is the idea presented in the book “Screwed Mind” actually possible? Can our brains be controlled? Can we be triggered to follow a predetermined program? Can we be programmed? What do we know about Neuromarketing and its uses?

Neuromarketing has been around since 2003, examining our personal affinity with products and services through brain scans. The technological development described in the book “Screwed Mind” allows others to control us. Technology is improving exponentially, becoming more sophisticated every day and making anything possible!

How is the Neuromarketing process performed today? A helmet with electrodes is placed on the subject’s head. The helmet’s sensors check the brain activity through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and measure the cerebral reaction in the prefrontal cortex. (MRI is an advanced digital system for imaging the body’s tissues, a kind of non-invasive scan used for simulating the inside of the body without X-rays, for medical diagnostic purposes, neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, biological research, etc.). When we like something, our blood reaches the prefrontal cortex in large amounts. This is seen clearly in the fMRI, indicating our positive attraction, because the prefrontal cortex represents our identity. Recently, in characterization tests for products and services, focus groups (designed to uncover our preferences, though we can’t be sure participants tell the whole truth) are being replaced with the Neuromarketing helmets with electrodes. The possibility of receiving and transmitting electrical signals to and from our brain is not so far fetched anymore. Already today information is transferred instantly from our cellphones to advanced wrist watches or unique shirts that can do almost anything: measure blood pressure and heart rate; store data during jogging, walking or physical activity; coordinate and arrange meetings; send emails, reminders, follow-ups, and more. So how far are we from being able to transmit information directly to the brain? We’re getting very close, and it is possible!

How can influence over the brain easily shape usage patterns and set goals for the client? By personally tailoring the product or service to the client’s needs. First we’ll run a test (such as the helmet test) and examine the potential client’s preferences in terms of exterior (shape, color, size, location, etc.) and quality. Then we’ll check how practical the result is through online tools (like which button causes more users to sign up to a website/service/product – green, blue, red, or yellow; which button size makes a bigger difference; which button placement gets more attention and subsequently more clicks). The result will streamline the optimization process and yield an enhanced conversion rate thanks to the websites’ improved landing pages. Of course, we must focus on a specific target audience (young people, adults, senior citizens, students, women…) because each audience has different preferences. Now imagine the direct effect on your brain through close transmission from your cellphone, even without your knowledge. Is it possible? Does that exist? Even if not, it’s coming very soon!

So what’s the conclusion? New Technologies in the making can learn everything about us and have a much greater effect on us. Therefore, caution is highly recommended. you are invited learn  how to win at casino

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